Pharma Fabtm Industries

(ISO 9001 : 2015 & GMP Certified Company)

Pharma Fabtm Industries

(ISO 9001 : 2015 & GMP Certified Company)

Fluid bed Granulator

“ PHARMA FAB INDUSTRIES “ Pharma Fab Industries Manufacturing wide range of Fluid bed Granulator / Fluid bed Coater/ Fluid bed Pelletizing Machine / equipments of multi function Coating and Drying equipment integrated Product with spray drying granulating Specially nozzle with coating fluid coating with drying in a single body. The equipment combined process with the various operations.

Fluid bed Coater/ Fluid bed Pelletizing Machine / equipments suitable for granulating, pelletizing and coating of various varieties in pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry and chemical industry,

Pharma Fab Industries Fluid bed granulator and coater, Fluid Bed Processor , FBP/ FBG /FBC dryer machines for heat & non heat sensitive products best suitable for Pharmaceuticals, API Biotech, herbal and Nutraceuticals’, Skin care and Cosmetic, Bulk Chemicals, pharma and Biochemical, Food and agro chemical , Dairy powder and granules , Confectionery, Pesticide and Agrochemical, Herbals and Ayurvedic etc.

Optimized Drying, Coating & Fluid Bed Granulation with highest pressure, blowers with highest flow process for ensures peak highest and best performance for fluid bed coating / granulators, and coaters – Solid dosage.Fluid bed granulator is a type of fluid bed processor that improves the material properties, like flowability & compressibility and helps in avoiding the segregation of mixture components. The process of fluid bed granulation involves the addition of binder liquid to the primary particles in order to form aggregated granulates. Pharma Fab Industries offers fluid bed coater that provides an alternative approach for pan coatings. This fluid bed processor makes use of fluid bed technology that aids in achieving a faster and uniform coating. The fluid bed coater holds the capability for coating multi particulate systems such as beads & nonpareil seeds.

The wurster coating is the process of encapsulating discrete particles in the fluidized bed making use of the differential airflow to create a cyclic movement of the material. In a wurster coater, the drying inlet air is passed from upward direction through the bottom perforated plate into the fluid bed chamber. The machine consists of an expansion chamber that reduces the velocity of coated material, forcing them to fall into the Wurster column by gravity. It is utilized for applying a coating to the granules or pellets. The pellet coater is designed according to cGMP standards and hence has good workability.


  • Multi functions System – drying, granulating, coating pelletizing in Single machine.
  • Product material coating.
  • Product with spray , granulating , drying & coating.
  • Optionally 10-30 meshes big granule.
  • Film coating of Powder, granules and pellets, enteric release, slow and control release coating.
  • Taste masking, odor, moisture proof, antioxidation, prevent water, heat insulation, coloration and separation coating.
  • Powder, granule, agglomerate material drying.
  • Choose 2 bar explosive-proof design.
  • Adopting multi-fluid nozzle, it guarantees that the formed granule is uniform and the content of powder is very low.
  • Adopting double chamber filtering bags system, remove dust completely.
  • Specially Design is cGMP with fully loaded models.
  • All products contact parts Stainless Steel 316 & non contact part Stainless Steel 304.
  • Bottom or Top Spraying system for best Granulation products.
  • 20 kg to 500 kg Different Batch size capacity model available.
  • FBP with PLC controls system with MMI Touch screen to easily quick set all parameter as per customer requirement.


FBP AND FBG/ FBC model with Granulation and Pellets Coater. Flame Proof Electrical.

Multi function base Fluid-bed coater is a new style coating equipment that combine fluid-bed spraying technology and coating well,

  • Drying Wet powder or granules drying
  • Top Spray for Spray binder on powders for granulations
  • Bottom or Top Spraying system for best Granulation products.
  • Bottom Spray: Pellet Suspension Coating or Film Coating, Enteric Coating
  • Side Spray: Pellet Powder Coating, Suspension Coating or Film Coating, Enteric Coating
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