Pharma Fabtm Industries

(ISO 9001 : 2015 & GMP Certified Company)

Pharma Fabtm Industries

(ISO 9001 : 2015 & GMP Certified Company)

Agitated nutsche filter

ANFD – Agitated Nutsche Filters and Dryer :

“ PHARMA FAB INDUSTRIES “  AGITATED NUTSCHE FILTER/DRYER ANFD – Agitated Nutsche Filter with drying is a closed vessel special designed to separate solid and liquid by filtration under pressure or vacuum. The ANFD closed system ensures odorless contamination free & non-polluting working condition maintaining products purity as well hygiene. ANFD – Agitated Nutsche Filters and dryer are extensively used in Chemical, Herbal, pharma, agro chemical and the food industry.GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF AGITATED PRESSURE NUTSCHE FILTER DRYER The Agitated Nutsche Filter – ANFD consists of a cylindrical shell with top dished and welded flat bottom. The ANFD base Steel plate is stiffened with supports welded under the base steel plates. The Steel base plate is having arrangement of heavy bolting bar to hold the filtering cloths. Suitable support is provided under filter cloth to facilitate the flow of filtrate. Suitable nozzles are provided including Manhole and Side discharge nozzle. Solids bars is used for designed Agitator shaft and solid plate for blades made in specially “S” curved to take high torque generated during solid discharge and re-slurring operation.


  • Filtration
  • Washing of Filter Cake
  • Repeat mix or washing of the cake
  • Convection drying of the cake
  • Convection drying of the cake
  • Smoothing with compression of the cake
  • Fully Automatic discharge of the wet or dried cake.

Agitated Nutsche Filter , Agitator Nutsche Filter applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, Agro chemicals, fine chemicals, and food industries. Sterilizable pharma versions are available for aseptic requirement.’3 in 1′ machinery to satisfy the require SBnts of soSB users. The mini-type sets are made of discoloring vessel, crystallizing vessel, and Agitator Nutsche Filter ‘3 in 1’, can be used separately or combine for small scale and moderate scale experiment uses for various Pharmaceutical and Food Products, Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Pesticides, Insecticides, Dyes and Intermediates.

Our AGITATED NUTSCHE FILTER AND FILTER-DRYER innovative technology allows for filtering and washing of solids as well as drying in a single unit, resulting in a higher yield with no operator contact. Moreover, performing all operations in an enclosed system assures consistent product quality, simple validation as well as the required operational safety.

Our Filter/Filter-Dryers can be optimized to allow for frequent changes in product campaigns. It can also be offered in High Pharma or Sterile configurations as per FDA/MCA requirements. Also applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, Agro chemicals, fine chemicals, and food industries. Sterilizable pharma versions are available for aseptic requirements.


WORKING VOLUSB5010020030050010001500200030005000
CAKE VOLUSB255010010020040060080015002200
VESSEL DIA425600700800100012001400160020002500
VESSEL HT4004005506006009001000100010001000
BOTTOM OPENING STROKE300300300300300300300300300300
DISCHARGE VALVE ID150150200200250300300400450450
AGITATER RPM10101010101010101010
AGITATOR DRIVE112357.51012.51520
AGITATOR VERTICAL STROKE200200200200250250300400450450
AGITATOR UP/DOWUN SPEED250250250250250250250250250
OVER ALL DISBNSION1300 x 1300 x 24001500 x 1500 x 25001700 x 1700 x 30001800 x 1800 x 30002000 x 2000 x 33002200 x 2500 x 36752300  x 2300 x 38002500 x 2500 x 38002800 x 2800 x 43753500 x 3500 x 4600
DESIGN PRESSUREVessel -Full Vacuum , Jacket/Limpet – 4bar
FINISHInternal: 240gr Mirror finish, External 180gr Mat finish


  • Process Advantages
  • Processing of concentrated suspensions
  • Cake filtration
  • Cake washing and cake purification
  • Extraction of active agents from organic solids
  • Filtration plants with product and solids processing
  • Filter-dryer plants with solvent recovery unit
  • Filter systems for sterile applications with integrated CIP-system
  • Integrated plants with reaction, filtration and final drying stages
  • Pre-assembled, PLC-controlled systems in modular desig
  • Environment safe, totally enclosed systems
  • Reliable, proven filter design and construction
  • Construction materials for a wide application range
  • Optimized filter media selection to Set specific product and process requires Bnts

Universal Filter Media – The filter plate design allows the use of all types of filter Media: cloth, single later screen, or multi-layer sintered SBtal.

Side Discharge Valve -seals with minimal dead space, eliminating the clean ability issues that can arise with the use of o-rings. The valve provides a pressure/vacuum-tight seal.

Heated Filter Plate -The fully welded design provides heat energy directly into the cake from the underside, allowing for heat transfer through all of the filter contact surfaces, for more efficient drying.

Gas-knife system – small nozzles located underneath the S-blade agitator blow the heel of the product towards the discharge valve. Agitated Nutsche filter Dryers (ANFD) is a filtration technique used in applications such as:

  • Textiles and Dye
  • Paints, Varnish and surface coatings
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Waste water treatment
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