Nutsche Filter

Pharma FabTM Industries “ Nutsche Filter consists of a cylindrical shell with top dished and a welded flat perforated bottom plate which is stiffened by supports welded under . The base plate is having arrangement of bolting ring to hold the filter cloth or can be adapted to have a sintered SS regenerable filter media welded to the perforated plate. Suitable nozzles are provided including Manhole and Side discharge nozzle. For smaller diameters the filter media arrangement can be installed in a removable basket for transportation of the accumulated solids to downstream processing areas. Suitable portable mechanised lifting arrangement for loaded basket removal and conveyance have been provided as well. Sizes offered range from diameter 200 mm to 1200 mm with jacketing options ,also all Stainless Steel construction suitable for live steam sterilisation can also been offerred. Material of Construction :SS 304 , SS 316 , SS 316L, PVDF lined FRP, FEP/PFA coated for filter housing, Sintered SS filter media as an option for sterile area operation. Operating pressures ranging from full vaccum to 6.0 barG. Surface finish can be attained to 240 grit on internal and external parts. Shell closure can be offered both in flanged design as well as TC Clamp for diameters upto 750 mm. Assembly is mounted on SS castors with PU wheels for portability in pharma manufacturing area. Provision of Sight Glass / Light Glass , Flow Indicator, Safety Valves , CIP ports is an added feature.